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Saturday, March 26, 2011

365 days of being a writer: day 220

This morning I got my newest Indispensable package. I can't wait to dive into Townie, but not til I get some stuff done.

I spent the afternoon at the library, and then at a couple of coffeeshops gathering and then reading through some books about famous birders. Once home, I watched a PBS special on birds of paradise and one on hummingbirds. I hope all this counts as research. Other than to order my coffees, I spoke out loud to no one. (I just now realized that!)

Emails were exchanged, and texts, tweets, and posts... But no talking. It was actually really nice. I'm taking my notebook and camera to the botanical garden really early in the morning for a bit more research. My membership lets me in an hour before everyone else, and I am hoping that's good news for looking at birds. This last essay might have to be the last bird-related piece for a bit. I'm starting to thing about too much of the same stuff. Perhaps time to resurrect the glacier piece?

And just like that, it's late. The early birder gets the grosbeak, so I'm off like the light.

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