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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

365 days of being a writer: day 211

Old crankypants stopped by here this evening. She had been gone for awhile, what with the good news and all. It may have seemed like she was gone, when really she was just hiding in the shrubbery waiting for a good moment to make a grand entrance.

Like when my stupid cat had to go and be a total jerk to the very nice young man who came over to check him out cause he and his wife want to ADOPT him. I let it get to me. I let those obsessive negative thoughts start swirling around, like how I would be stuck with the cat, and not be able to get a studio apartment, and never get out of here, and lose all my acceptances. Cue: CRANKFEST.

It would be funny if I were exaggerating.

Then, I just sat down at the old computer and wrote a blog post. Not this one, but this one. It's my first, an intro, for the MFA Chronicles. I asked another new member if I could keep doing it if I decided on an MA, and we think the answer is yes. So there you go. Yet another writing blog to maintain. Har.

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