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Saturday, March 5, 2011

365 days of being a writer: day 201

Tech has definitely impressed me, y'all. I am serious. Today's itinerary was a bit more relaxed. After talking for a couple of hours with a few faculty members and getting a tour of the campus, two of the other prospectives and I spent the afternoon wandering the town of Lubbock.

The faculty and my "cohort" might just be the deal breaker here, as they are both great. I have some things to consider and weigh and what not--and I still have two schools left to report. No decision was made this week, but at one point in a meeting today with about 20 prospective students, the Director of Creative Writing responded to one of my questions by referring specifically to the types of things that I write. He knew about my work without a prompt--that was a powerful moment. And the nonfiction professor already has an assignment for me: an unsolved homicide in town. (Exciting and a little hilarious.) I have so many cell phone numbers right now, of faculty, cohort, other grad students. The vibe of openness and earnest INTEREST in my attending was strong. It felt good.

Shout out to my newest follower, Lyndsey, who found me via Xenith. That rocks, too.


meeralee said...

I just wanted to say it's really a pleasure to witness this part of your life, Chelsea. It reminds me of when my husband was choosing grad schools and everything was full of potential and mystery. Four years later, it's absolutely clear he made the right choice; he's thriving, and I love where we are, too. I hope your future holds everything you dream of.

Chelsea said...

Thank you so much! I feel so great right now, hopeful, and optimistic--its wonderful.

The other plus for Tech is that it is right on a Sandhill Crane migration corridor! Some kind of sign that I learned that AFTER I wore my Sandhill t-shirt to the orientation.