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Sunday, March 13, 2011

365 days of being a writer: day 209

Not since I quit smoking have I committed myself so successfully to a thing as this writing exercise. I just wanted to note that to myself, out loud as it were.

I'm not always driven. Most days, I would gladly stay nestled under the blankets, surfacing only to read or order in some Chinese food. I have to fight daily against my nature, which would rather put off until later those unpleasant and boring tasks that make up so much of a life.

It seems, though, that I can only succeed in one direction at a time. Either I am running and working out and looking great, OR I am writing every day, submitting, and revising, OR I am knitting great piles of presents and apparel and designing patterns. My brain can't seem to do all three. So, these past seven months, I've gotten saggy and achey, the yarn is dusty and unmoved, but the words have piled up in great mountains.

I would like to think that once school starts, I will be able to spend a small bit of attention on one of the other two. Is this crazy? Will I be too freaked out and exhausted to do anything but school work? Won't there be time for a morning run or swim at the Rec center? Can I knit during lectures? Should I not worry about such tiny things just yet?

The last thing I did this evening (before writing this post) was write for an hour. I drafted next week's 52/250 and started to move around the text in the blackbird essay. I have a market that I want to try it on, and the deadline is April 15th. So much is due on the 15th: I'm glad my taxes, at least, are done.

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threecreditsatatime said...

I so admire your commitment here, Chelsea! I totally get your single-mindedness...I'm now knitting the slowest sock in the world, a stripey fanciful thing that I probably won't finish until next winter. I haven't done any creative writing for about a year, and try to tell myself that at least I'm writing for classes and for the blog.

I love your blog and can't wait to read what you're up to next.