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Thursday, March 10, 2011

365 days of being a writer: day 206

Coney Island has found a home! I will surely throw a link up when it is posted, but in the meantime, check out the new digs: Used Furniture Review.

Many conversations were had today over phone and email, about my future.
  • The University of Arizona has offered me a fully funded spot for two years in their MFA.
  • A current student of KSU had nothing but lovely things to say about the town and program. But he did say living alone would be tough on the stipend.
  • I exchanged emails with someone I consider a mentor, she said keep my options open.
  • University of Washington said I could always take extra lit classes while I work on my thesis.
  • I called Portland State and declined their offer. 
  • A professor at a completely unrelated college who barely knows me from Adam strongly recommended in favor of MA > PhD
  • Despite repeated refreshes of my Yahoo mail, the director at Tech has not responded to my Monday email full of questions. I sent another email (about just one question) to a different faculty member who I hope could help.  I am a little scared that all the attentiveness of last weekend was... could it have been... a show? When do I follow up? Next week is their Spring Break.
  • I posted a craigslist ad for my cat, but I may chicken out of it. Do you need a cat? Do you live in the greater Phoenix area?
Hahahahahahahaha. It's so crazy. It's just so damn different than it has been in so long! I am on the brink of a great big "do-over." Where I follow a dream instead of a fantasy. Is that too cheesy?

It's pretty cheesy.

I have always just coasted along with what was happening around me, afraid to steer myself. It's a hard habit to break (which is why I am asking everyone's advice. Overandoverandover. Poor everyone.) But this is what I want to do. Not what I can do, not what is easiest or kindest. This will push me and make me grow, which is something I have usually avoided.

Want to weigh in? What would you do? What would Kurt Vonnegut do? What would Janis Joplin do? What about Zonker?

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