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Thursday, March 24, 2011

365 days of being a writer: day 218

Here's a crazy thought--I was in Texas just two weeks ago. It feels like it was two months ago. Like, YEARS ago I visited the campus and fell in love all over the place with everything.

I wrote a note this evening to the fine faculty at the University of Arizona. It was such a hard email to send! Arizona was my last resort, somewhere in the back of my mind--but it wasn't fair to sit on a spot that someone else somewhere wants and will love. And under different circumstances, I would have loved it too. But my heart is further away. I sure wish Wyoming would call! But at this point, either Kansas or Texas will be a wonderful consolation prize.

Now I just have to pick between them.

It's hard too, to write these "no thank you" notes, because I am always terrified that they are going to write back something devastating, like YOU'LL NEVER WRITE IN THIS TOWN AGAIN! Or, Don't you KNOW who we ARE? They haven't yet said anything other than kind, brief good lucks. It is always a relief to see the succinct well wishes, and such an awful gut-wrenching before.

Last year I counted down the rejections. This year, too there is a countdown of options. I was giddy after I sent the email tonight. As though, suddenly it was really truly going to happen!

Before I forget, here's the Xenith book review: Drawing out the Truth

So, yeah. I'm getting pretty amped up. I still need to unload this cat, though. Are you sure you don't want him?

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