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Thursday, April 28, 2011

365 days of being a writer: day 253

My day started with a painful tooth cleaning and a sunburn. It could only go up.

I was able to take a half day, owing to my jaw pain, so I sent off my passport renewal stuff (this year's pic is vastly more awesome than the one from 10 years ago, so that's something).

I also edited and submitted the interview with Brie to an online journal with a running interview feature. AND, I turned in one demand article and drafted two more. I wish I could stay better focused on those, but two at a time seems to be my limit.

UWyo sent my proposed teaching schedule (Thursday afternoons)! And 52 | 250 wants to include one of my pieces in their third online anthology! And lastly, sent me a freebie 50 moo cards, so I should have some writer-business cards next week.

So, a damn sight better'n yesterday.

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