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Friday, April 8, 2011

365 days of being a writer: day 233

I'm not sure if this counts or not, but I secured a completely sight-unseen apartment for the duration of my MFA.

(hahahahahaha! It still freaks me out to write and/or say that.)

I will have a one bedroom in the old Connor Hotel in the heart of downtown Laramie. It has been described as quirky, funky, cool, haunted-y, and with hallways reminiscent of The Shining. Yeah!

Very little else got accomplished. I am a slow-ass reader, and it is hard for me to focus on what I am reading. No time like the present for practicing better reading skills.

Also, in my continuing experiments at thriftiness, I made granola bars from scratch AND from ingredients that were all already in my house. One pan of granola bars cost me zero dollars and made the equivalent of three boxes of those breakfast things, plus two bowls worth of cereal style crumbs. Who's the superstar? This guy!

First thoughts on Silent Spring:
  • I am amazed that such a technical book was such a smash hit. I need to look up the initial impact it had. In the first 30 pages there are chemical molecule diagrams!
  • There is also some amazing hyperbole that would never make it to print today without chemical companies screaming libel. 
  • Her conviction is passionate and unwavering, even as it is sensible. I admire the shit out of that. 
Now, off to read more gooder.

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patita said...

There was an article in the New Yorker several months ago that mentioned the impact of Silent Spring as well as a couple of other books. Let me poke around and see if I can find it again... aha! It's primarily on The Feminine Mystique but it's a start: