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Friday, April 22, 2011

365 days of being a writer: day 247

I just turned in two more Demand articles. That is five for the week, I believe. I am on a ROLL. While I don't love the actual writing, I am pleased that the site at least affords me the luxury of writing on topics I really know about--this week it was academic and tech writing. In the past it has been a lot of project management stuff.

Also, possibly the best news ever: I think I found a home for PJ. I will know for sure on Sunday morning, if the really nice young woman actually comes back for him with a cat carrier and the same good attitude.

The plan for the rest of the weekend (should I choose to accept it) is to write up the two reading list books, get out a new draft of the hummingbirds to send off to Crab Orchard, and read the shit out of the Pilgrim at Tinker Creek. Her prose is so damn luscious, I just want to fall into the pages and stuff them in my mouth.

Thank the good green Earth it's Friday.

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