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Thursday, April 21, 2011

365 days of being a writer: day 246

A soundtrack for today:
Unchained Melody
Unchain My Heart
(Don't Break) These Chains

I submitted another Demand article (library, baby!) and drafted out the supporting material for two more. I also conversed with a bunch of writers far too much.

Having finished Dr. Moreau last night, I decided to give myself a day off of reading list. But tomorrow I will start Pilgrim at Tinker Creek. This weekend, I hope to write up Silent Spring and the creepy, creepy Doctor.

Things I am looking forward to: the eventual (I hope) publication of my Coney Island piece on Used Furniture Review and of Finisher in Thunderclap! Press issue #6; dinner somewhere since I transferred $25 from my Demand earnings (go money!); having a cat free home (someone new is interested in PJ as I am losing faith in the current interested party, having heard no news for two weeks); another (non)lazy weekend chock full of reading and writing--since it is ALMOST! Friday.

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