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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

365 days of being a writer: day 238

Rejection number five came today. It was vaguely encouraging in a completely non-confirmable way. Maybe this mag is just "nice" to everyone they turn down. Or maybe the story is worth resending elsewhere. Who knows!

In light of this recent rash of publication failures and my painfully tight budget, I spent some time today drafting a couple of Demand Studio articles. The pay makes me sad, but it is extra money. I'd like for it to be a way to afford a few niceties while I'm in school (cough-snowshoeing trips-cough), plus it does encourage clear, concise language. ugh, who am I kidding?

I also wrote for a few minutes on the bird essay--I have half of the conclusion done. Then it needs a tough love edit.

Finally, I asked another writer to look over the night essay, before it's next round of submissions.

A friend from high school is visiting and we spent dinner and afterward catching up and reminiscing. Good times. How do you think you are the same as you were back then, and how are you different?

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lyndsey said...

"Ugh, who am i kidding."

don't i know that feeling.

i am liking the question of essence vs. existence. am i who i always have been (in essence), or does the way that i'm continuing to exist then shape my identity?

i would like to believe i am the new version of the person i have always been, and i am continually being renewed by experience. for instance, i have always been passionate about justice, and everyone getting what was coming to them. my brother got picked on a lot in grade school, and there i went, the brazen chubby girl with pigtails standing up against bullies.

i think i'm still like that in a lot of ways. now, it is just more widespread. i want to go up against corruption in government and corporations and talk down those bullies until they get served. hopefully this passion will never be tempered in me.

thanks for asking :) you?