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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

365 days of being a writer: day 245

This is a day-counting kind of place. So I don't mind sharing that there are 107 days left until I am done with this cube job.

Specifically, one for every link in that paper chain. Ridiculous, crafty, a waste of paper, or a sanity-saver, who knows? But I think I might like tearing the links off.

Today I spent my last lousy few dollars (I get paid Friday) buying cat food for the cat that someone is supposedly adopting soon (if the adopter doesn't come through soon, he'll have to go to a shelter and I'll be hoping for the best). And then buying myself a luxurious $10 dinner at a coffeeshop where I was going to write up 2 more Demand articles.

Except, I couldn't connect to the wifi. Restarted, deleted, re-added, deleted the network. I have not had the network grief that I have at this place anywhere else. I finally just had to go home before I burst into tears at the stupid hassle of it. I already had a headache and just, FUCK. You know? I wanted that ten bucks back so I could go somewhere else and work!

I'll have to take my computer to work with me tomorrow and scout out somewhere else for after. It will be a long four more weeks without Internet.

Moreau is going by much more quickly. Almost done.

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