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Saturday, April 16, 2011

365 days of being a writer: day 241

I mailed off my I-9 to UWyo this afternoon! I felt dorkily compelled to tell the notary at the UPS store all about my trials--at least he got the elevator speech version.

Then I went to a coffeeshop and finalized my submission (now up!) to Fred for his Sunday playlist: This was a fun collaboration--and makes a great setlist for a roadtrip.

I also managed to research two demand articles. I had wanted to get four done over the weekend, but it's looking like two will have to be it. I think a goal of two every week is acceptable. One from last week has been approved already.

On the home front, I went through three boxes of old records, papers, etc and managed to reduce them to one and a half. Do I need all my old tech writing samples and old leases? Yes and no.

And I am only one short chapter away from finishing Silent Spring it has been dense. But also wonderful and awful.

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