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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

365 days of being a writer: day 127

I am going to try EXTRA hard to rush this and then get into bed.

I stay up too late.

Today was full of more money-induced anxiety. I am being railroaded, because the assumption on the bank's part is that I have no way to fight back. And they're right. I asked the woman on the phone today, "How is any of this supposed to encourage me to pay my debt off? Or do you not care about that anymore?" My bank has sent my debt off somewhere, and they don't care about it anymore. Except somehow they do, but they don't care about me anymore in the equation. Since I am no longer a "good" customer, I no longer deserve courtesy or respect or decency. These times, I tells ya.

But enough about that. I filled out my online app for Washington. Still need to fill out the LONG and COMPLICATED assistantship application. That I already filled out once, but didn't (apparently) save. Why are they all different? Why can't there be one application? They all need the same information. Why can't you fill out one application and then upload all of your different docs and pay your fees like Submishmash? But then, do I really want college to be one big slush pile? No, I do not.

I did not win even a mention of a mention in the American Literary Review competition. I don't seem to have been a finalist, either. That happens.

Today I wrote a lot of tweets, both for work and for me.

I am getting really tired of freaking out all the time. Is it just this town, just finally knowing what I want to do and being unable to do it like I'd like, or just just? Goodnight, moon.

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