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Monday, December 20, 2010

365 days of being a writer: day 126

I accomplished nothing today.

At work, I spent a 20 minutes writing a few paragraphs, at home I spent over an hour fighting with first my printer, then my stapler. I won in the former case, lost in the latter. And I was an asshole throughout the process.

Even though I got all three of my recommendations tonight, I can't mail out my University of Washington application yet. It is due ON January 2nd. So, I am probably paying for some crazy shipping at this point. I am so tired of applying right now. I really just want to be done, so I can move on to the fingernail chewing waiting and going nuts waiting and oh my god why won't they just send the letter waiting. And then, after that, I can just be done. Think up something else to do. I am a master at thinking up things to do.

Other things I didn't finish today: the dishes, cleaning my house, the laundry, etc. I had to enter one mall and one strip mall. I wrapped some presents. I got the bare minimum of decorations up (with help), but again--not without being a jerk about the whole thing. I can only think of jerky things to say at this point, so I am putting myself to bed.

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dbostrom said...

For the want of a post-it, a morning was lost.