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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

365 days of being a writer: day 121

People often ask me what a Transatlantic Enchilada is, exactly (in my mind). So here is the story behind the blog name.

A week after I got laid off from my well-paying job AND dumped by a millionaire-- all in one day, a friend came to visit from England. She is heaps of fun, vivacious, a devil-may-care type. In that PARTICULAR week, I was a shell-shocked, bawling, high and also drunk type (moreso than I had been prior to the layoff and such, anyway). We did not exactly MESH over that particular visit--aside: this is all the more tragic as the last time she had visited, I was unhappily--and loudly so--married to a drunk and living in New Orleans. I swear, there are some good times around here. Sometimes.

Anyway, we had this grand idea to start up a blog, wherein we would write literary-types of letters to each other across the Atlantic. So there's your trans bit. The enchilada part comes from this John Prine video:

(Incidentally, how lovely are those kitchen chairs?)

Read the lyrics, lady!

Our blog never took off, as she didn't "get" blogging. So then I invoked (I almost typed Manifest Destiny) Eminent Domain, took the place over and built my factory here.

Today I got up early and wrote a dense, single-spaced page without stopping. Going to sleep now so I can do the same again tomorrow.

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