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Sunday, December 12, 2010

365 days of being a writer: day 117

Today I went over to a friend's house and sewed a skirt, with generous amounts of help from said friend. It was great.

I think I needed some gratification, to "make" something and have it be a success. That is the good thing about knitting, but it also takes a lot of time--whereas this skirt only took a few hours (because I am painfully slow at sewing). With the writing, I might finish a piece and never have the same kind of gratification as 'it fits! and it looks like an actual skirt! and I'm not embarrassed to wear it! I really can sew!' It makes me want to start another sweater is what it does...

I also printed off all of the manuscripts and SOPs. I still need to do a final edit on the bees, and I have time on the KSU application. I just realized that I haven't gotten my letters of recommendation back yet, so I need to send out a reminder tomorrow.

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