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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

365 days of being a writer: day 114

I have an Internet reprieve.

In other news, something in my house smells like onions, but there are no onions here.

Still other news, I'd like to talk briefly about how stoked I am that the two directors at TTU and KSU spoke with me at such length. I have not called all of the schools, so I can't speak for every one of them, but at Penn State, Portland State, and University of Washington I was never "patched through" to the program director. I got an email address or an offer of help from the admin who answered. I have not called University of Wyoming or University of Arizona (I have had an offer to get introduced to someone at UA, and it is interesting to me that I haven't wanted to take that offer).

Both of the MA directors were honest and encouraging, notwithstanding the fact that I might not even make the cut into one of their programs.

Today I submitted the starlings to Iron Horse (TTU's lit mag). And I made a huge batch of falafel, so I will fall asleep to the smell of blackened chickpeas in grease. But they were goddamned good.

I tweeted about WikiLeaks today. This means I can't get a job at the State Department.

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