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Saturday, December 18, 2010

365 days of being a writer: day 124

Christmas time carried me to bookstores today. I got some good gifts for me immediate family. There a couple of staunch non-readers, and they'll be getting alcohol. Otherwise, everyone gets books. I showed remarkable restraint and only bought myself two books. One is some great "literary canon" type essays on National Parks--Twain, Stenger, Muir, etc. The other is a book of nonfiction "picto-essays" -- basically comics, but essays. I'm really stoked fir the coming season of reading.

My perfect life would be one involving reading and walking around all day, then writing about same. Maybe for a couple of years, garden--and write about that, then, a couple if years, travel. This is why in hoping for that Publishers Clearinghouse thing to come through.

All of the edits on the bees are done. Tomorrow, I'll print it and add it to the UW packet.

The Night contest deadline was extended, so that is the next priority. And then KSU and then a piece for a magazine that I have in mind. Consider that my Pipeline for now.

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