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Sunday, December 5, 2010

365 days of being a writer: day 111

I finished a draft of the bee essay. I think it sort of crumples upon itself in the last page, but I will be editing it this week, along with assembling my packets for schools. The only school I won't be putting together is KSU, as I still need to talk with the director about whether or not I should apply.

Today was hard, I sat in my apartment and wrote all day, taking breaks only to make food and surf the web.

It was lonesome work.

The words themselves came relatively easily, after compiling the scads and scads of research, except for the intro and conclusion. Those definitely need work. And I need to make sure I have decent transitions. This whole paper is just for University of Washington, and I don't even know if they'll accept it. Hah! But it's more experience, right? And it inspired another piece that I may or may not try to put together for the Creative Nonfiction competition in January.  In any case, now I need to collapse myself.

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