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Monday, February 28, 2011

365 days of being a writer: day 196

Portland State University called. Remember when this happened? Wow. Just wow. You know? I mean, goddamn. So, I answered the phone, and he said it was Tom Bissell, and my mind screamed "From! Portland!" I had to walk around for several moments after the call just to compose myself. I wanted to climb up on my cube desk and yell to all of my coworkers. I wanted to laugh and cry and maybe even hoot out loud for a bit. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Oh my god. So strange, this last year.

And for chrissakes, if that weren't enough: The starlings are UP on The Diagram. YEAH!

Still waiting for word from University of Washington, Penn State and Kansas State. Still hoping to hear back from Wyoming.

I also pitched to my favorite non-industry magazine, Bust, to do a review of this book coming out in June. They pretty much said no, but offered to put the review up on the blog. Drag. Which would you rather do, make nothing on it, but have another review posted on the internets (on or try to find some other mag --where I will have no connections-- who might buy my review?

Who thinks I need more reviews before I can hope to charge for my services?
Who thinks I should take the sweet blog post on one of my favorite grrly sites?
(Hint, those are the same choice.)



Chrissy (The New Me) said...

Yowza! You're cleaning up! This is your second year applying, right? I can't remember. Either way, well done!

Amanda said...

More congratulations, Chelsea! You are most certainly cleaning up indeed.

Also, funny side note -- I read your piece in McSweeney's months ago, and then I read it again today, and I had this lovely little shock of recognition, à la "Oh, THAT'S her!"

And, you know, you kind of feel like a movie star right now. I think I want your autograph.

:) Happy dance, just for you!