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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

365 days of being a writer: day 191

No word from either of the PSUs or from Washington yet. It's easy to get caught up in the freaking out happening on the threads devoted to the notification schedule, even if the pressure is off. Even if I already know where I am going, it would be nice to have more folks to ask questions of, more options to weigh.

I am crawling CRAWLING toward the finish line. My essay is almost done. I could probably power through the last page tonight, but I really need to sleep. Thus far I have finished the intro, outro and the sections on the biology poems and the geology poems. Just astronomy poems left. (I'm nothing but inconstant in my obsessions.) I will post the paper up here IF it gets me into KSU. Just like I will throw my SOP up once notification season is over. I don't want to jinx any chickens before they've come home to roost.

In other news, work: I haz it.

I remember how easy it is to come home from a long, busyful day and feel like the busy-ness was productive. How easy it is to ease onto the couch with some gentle knitting and stare at a screen while the bright pictures float across it. This is why I want to get into a program: so the hard work IS accomplishing something (my education and the education of others) and the writing at the end of the day is a balm, rather than a chore.

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