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Sunday, February 27, 2011

365 days of being a writer: day 195

I have officially begun Lightening the Load. I took a bunch of knitting books over to my sister, and confirmed that she would watch over my cds and bookcases. My folks will watch my records and turntable. I am bringing the giant-ass steamer trunk they've been watching. Probably sell the couch.

The only writing I mustered today was a critique for a fellow MFA drafter. I haven't heard back, but I hope it was helpful. I enjoyed her writing, but I think I can be too critical sometimes in my critiques. That reminds me of a funny story about the first time I went to a poetry slam... but I'm too tired to tell it. The punchline is that they made me judge, I gave the lowest scores by far, and got booed. Nobody told me it was a self-esteem building exercise. I thought I was supposed to assess skillz.

I have an advance copy of a book that comes out in June, I am planning on pitching a review to Bust. I would very MUCH like to get into that magazine... on that note, sweet dreams, dreamers.

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