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Saturday, February 19, 2011

365 days of being a writer: day 187

OK. Don't freak out.

University of Arizona called this morning to offer me a spot in their MFA program.

ARE YOU FREAKING OUT?!? or is it just me?

I rushed right out and bought a lottery ticket, just in case this crazy streak is a wide one.


First thing this morning I was out birding with some older people. While it's fair to say that your average birder (YAB) is "old," it is also fair to say that the gap between YAB and myself is narrowing. The wind was stronger than usual and the sky spit a few raindrops from time to time, so the birds weren't out much. It was still a nice walk through the new Rio Salado area. I'd like to go back when I can spend a day walking up and down it. I'd like to see the burrowing owls and the beavers, rather than just their traces.

I have an outline for my paper--it will be on Diane Ackerman and the ways that science informs her poetry (both form and content). I would have liked to get farther on it, but there was recovery from rejoicing to take care of, and then later more (though less ebullient) rejoicing to take part in.

I also submitted my bee essay to another new online lit mag and reviewed the galley for my Diagram piece. I am trying to decide if I want to submit the Night essay to another lit mag (with a short reading window), even though it is in two contests. They won't notify until April (when a school decision will be needed--how wild might April be?!) so I hate to have it effectively shelved for so long. But at what point am I crop dusting? The starlings were rejected six times before they found a home, so it doesn't seem too crazy to send it out to three at once, does it? If so, I'd love to send it to Orion, as well. Thoughts?

Verdict: Though hungover and giddy, it was a productive day.

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