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Sunday, February 20, 2011

365 days of being a writer: day 188

Cause he's the tax-man, tax-maaaaan.

After puttering around and working more on notes, I headed to my folks' to knock out the taxes and submit my FAFSA. After all of the fun from this last week, it was a let down, I'll tell you.

I am still not out from under my dumb house in Texas, so I have to pay extra just to learn it does me no good. Plus, the government even thinks I made money off the thing--which I soundly corrected. By the time I got to the FAFSA, my "index" number was pretty high. I am pretty pissed about that. I mean, I worked at a grocery store all year. I am supposed to support a college education on one year at a GROCERY STORE?

This likely means that even if Washington and Portland do call me, I will likely not be able to afford them. Man I want off that Wyoming waitlist. Now I am off to watch a cartoon before trying to knock a few more words out.

I also heard yesterday (and completely forgot to mention) that 5x5 magazine does not want my confessional poetry (frankly a relief). And I wrote to an editor who has had an essay for six months inquiring as to its status, which is always a horrifying SEND to click. Here's to another great week full of tech writing and getting a finished app to KSU!

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