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Sunday, February 6, 2011

365 days of being a writer: day 174

There are a lot of pictures trapped on my camera. I need an hour to download, title, and upload them. Most are of the Botanical Garden.

This morning, an old friend showed up and I rattled off cacti facts and failed to find him a scone. He hugged me and bought me coffee and listened to me talk with my hands. My friends are few and far between, but worth their motherfucking weight in gold.

Then I went to a wildflower identification class. I gave it a good review, but later realized that it didn't meet my needs. Who has a wildflower identification class in February? But I gave it a good review because I heard so many amazing flower names: Owl's Clover, Desert Chicory, Bladderpods, Scorpion-weeds. Already I am wondering if there is a short something I could write about the wildflowers. I'll have to wait for them to come out, I suppose.

My day concluded in the misery of dressing rooms, trying on "business casual" clothes. It is such a remarkably different experience, trying on clothes after gaining a size, than it is after losing one. Even though the shape I am now was once something to cheer, now--it's pretty awful. Enough to ruin my whole month if I were to let it. I will try not to.

But now I have two bags of things that should keep me from being too mortified in my cubicle. Already, I find myself wanting to spend more money because I am "going to have it." How batshitcrazy is that? That money is going straight to my debt. And these fat clothes are going straight to a garage sale the minute I get my ass back in shape. 

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