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Friday, February 18, 2011

365 days of being a writer: day 186

The University of Wyoming notified me that I am on their waitlist.

I had to get up and leave my desk and go call my mom so I wouldn't burst into tears. Even now, thinking about it again makes me want to sob big heaving, relieved, grateful sobs into my keyboard.

Isn't it funny how you aren't supposed to take the rejections personally, but it's perfectly acceptable to be stoked about the "not-rejected"s?

Amanda asked in yesterday's comments what would happen if any other schools said yes after my number one school. Truthfully, my list of priorities is fickle, like me.

I am a delicate flower, and especially after all the rejections last year, one of my priorities was probability. Funding is also a very key issue--as I just can't live in a house with five roommates anymore. I am too old for that. Plus, I have no benefactor to pay the phone bill so that I may tweet at odd hours. All this to say that I had secret hopes about who would say yes, and I had public hopes.

Wyoming has an amazing program. AMAZING. Plus, Wyoming? ALSO AMAZING. Tech has remarkable funding for an MA and a low cost of living (for a reason). I can't say what I would do if Wyoming offered me a slot, yet. I will be visiting Tech in a couple of weeks and want to keep an open mind.

But I will say that the warm note from the school was just so... Encouraging. They said my enthusiasm was evident and that I was on the list because my talent and promise were impressive.

Still trying to figure out how to write a paper about poetry. Still fighting Word and Adobe at a really engaging job. Wins all around this week.


meeralee said...

I missed yesterday's post, so I am doubly happy for you today! Congratulations! You deserve every bit of this good news. :) :) :)

Amanda said...

I am so excited for you, and can't wait to see what comes about as you navigate the news that's coming your way in the next few months. I always find the "what will you choose" question interesting in relation to school; so many people think it's a done deal if your first choice is an acceptance. And I guess that's true to an extent (I got into my first choice of grad school, and went), but what I always try to keep in mind too is the fact that, in addition to it being a year (or two) of grad school, it's also a year (or two) of your LIFE. It can't be all about school. It must, as you say, also be a great deal about probability, and what can fit comfortably in the goals and designs that you want for your life at the moment.

Exciting stuff! It's going to be so interesting to see where you are in six months. (Which is not to say, of course, that where you are now isn't interesting!)

I can't wait. :)