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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Editorial Asshatery, or a meme I can really get behind

I am sure you have all heard about what happened to Cooks Source, the plagiarizing magazine with the clueless editor. No? Well, please, read up!: Copyright Infringement is for Dummies (a great links list of the train wreck compiled by the folks at Beyond the Veil).

As a would-be author, I have already seen my blog posts co-opted by false aggregator sites. They think they do me the favor by lifting the entire post... sure my name is there, and even a link, but if the entire text is pasted, why would a visitor come to me? It's dirty pool, but what the folks at Cooks Source did was so much worse. A print magazine! And really, would we even care if it weren't for the horrible attitude of the editor, Judith Griggs. Click below for an excellent new definition, courtesy the folks at Smart Bitches...

Judith Griggs

As I posted on their Facebook page (which will be gone soon, I'm sure, so hurry!) I have done plenty of work for free, both print and online--but always with a contract. Anything less is theft, plain and simple.

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