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Sunday, November 28, 2010

365 days of being a writer: day 104

Yeah. I didn't get all that done.

I did more reading about bees. Got two new great books and found a good online resource. The issue is that I only know one way to write a research paper and it utilizes index cards and a lot of analog work. I am trying to translate it into a modern method and am coming up method-less. Which means I am getting some index cards tomorrow.

To save myself from the shame of un-productivity, I submitted a piece to a sleek and lovely online magazine. My mini-essay is slightly unconventional, and so are some of the other prose pieces there, so that could work out.

I have a new plan if all the apps come back negative again this year. This plan could totally change, who knows what will happen? But if I get good news from my Federal Application for Financial Aid, I may try to apply to an undergraduate program for a BS in biology. Maybe back home. We'll see. I really like science, even if statistics and physics and chem sort of freak me out.

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