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Sunday, November 7, 2010

365 days of being a writer: day 83

I spent another day deep-cleaning today. More nooks and crannies: including boxes of shells and stones and pieces of wood, a suitcase full of stationery, a pile of comic books and a pile of purses.

I'm keeping all of the purses.

I also worked a bit more on my outline, fleshed it out to two pages. I will be spending my bus reading time on my library books this week. And I drafted a letter to a professor at one of my hoped-for schools. He and I met once, and I am hoping to remind him who I am. I have no idea if that will help my cause or not, but it can't hurt it.

Did you catch that bit yesterday about how The Rumpus is going to post a piece of mine? I'm pretty damn stoked about that.

Now it's time for my Spanish leccion. Adios.

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