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Monday, November 8, 2010

365 days of being a writer: day 84

Today: bees and Spanish.

My commute was filled with the history of honey bees and Man, and I ended up getting half way through my research book number one. I am not sure if I will read all of the second book or not, as I think it is more about the history of honey than the plight of bees so much.

When I got home I did a hard hour and a half of Spanish.

Hay mucho gente en el restaurante.
Esta coche es barato y antigua.
Es un gato gordo alli.

Finally, I wrote out some notes from my readings today and printed out several web articles that I want to use in the sections on Colony Collapse Disorder and new legislation (which is probably now old, and idealistic legislation) aimed at "saving the bees." That was really it for today. Already, I am stressed out that I haven't heard back from that professor I emailed. You know, one day later. Insert patronizing sigh.

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