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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

365 days of being a writer: day 79

Some true things:
  1. I did not advance into the final round of NYCmidnight's Flash Fiction competition.
  2. That bums me out less than I thought it would, for ungraceful reasons that I'm keeping to myself.
  3. This morning, I felt compelled to write something, and I let that compulsion carry me through actually writing it down. It doesn't sound impressive, but how many times have you thought "I should write that down" but didn't? Don't do that anymore!
  4. I submitted something to another online journal/site/space.
  5. I have inappropriately intense feelings for my new big-ass Bartlett's Roget's Thesaurus. It's just so BIG and THOROUGH.
  6. Someone wrote what many considered to be a nasty opinion piece about NaNoWriMo that may have inspired me to act. The piece itself was likely little than a fluff bomb, thrown to incite hoards of trolls and thus secure it's virality (can I say "virality"?) (in which it succeeded). But a kernel of sense was in there, about there needing to be more activities for readers. Now I want to find someone to put such a thing together. Someone with web- and organizing-skillz, and fundraising moxy, maybe. Know anyone?
  7. I got another retweet from @cnfonline. Which oddly, is much more awesome than the NYCM loss is crappy.

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