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Monday, November 1, 2010

365 days of being a writer: day 77

I'm going to bed hungry and sore. It's an experiment. I'm hoping I will wake up with an urgency that I lacked today. While I did get a bit of a walk in, it was not enough to clear my head. And then instead of getting writing done when I got to work early, I got sucked into a conversation with someone. I had twenty minutes and squandered it, because otherwise everyone has to ask me if I'm OK, because I seem down. When you don't want to talk to people you are "down."

I managed to get some writing done later on a break. I was home for ten minutes before having to leave again, no time to eat or breathe. I'm not making that mistake again right at the beginning of the week. The cake topper for today was seeing that ACC sent back my transcript request because I forgot to include a photocopy of my picture ID. I can't even request a transcript apparently without fucking up a step. (A step, which seems hugely sketchy, and that no other school requires, for whatever that's worth.)

The second blog post never went up on venuszine, and no word from the editor about why. It had a Dia de los Muertos themed title--maybe they don't know that was today? It's disappointing to say the least. 

Whatever, I'm too tired to write about it. I'm too tired for anything and it's only Monday.

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