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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

365 days of being a writer: day 85

Oh man, I did not want to write today. I stayed in bed too late to write first thing in the morning (this is really what I need to do, but I can't get to bed before ten --like now-- so it makes getting up at 5:30 nigh impossible). Then I spent all day playing on Twitter. While I wasn't working, I mean.

I have to admit that I was a little heartbroken that none of my tweets made the cut into Issue #40 of Creative Nonfiction.

Letters from the Hive: done. Luckily the last 50 pages were recipes and acknowledgments.

So here's the scene: I get home early, thanks to wearing boots and being able to run faster for my second bus than on slip-on days. Instead of writing the minute I get in, I have to play with a bunch of different hashtags, make a non-dinner all slow-like, tweet some more, make some juice, check Twitter. Swear off Twitter. Move to computer, sit my ass down. Open a word file. Open a pattern that a friend wants me to knit for her, print it. Change the title of the word file. Decide that I need to know the date of Ma Bell's telephone strike (it IS material to the essay, but rightnow?). Noodle on the google looking for the date for a bit. Ma Bell's had a few strikes, turns out. Even one in 1907 in Toronto (not at all material). Check Facebook. Realize the strike date means that I can't change the title to what I wanted, so close first doc. Open a new doc, change IT to the title I was thinking of. Check Twitter. Read about Michelle Obama shaking some Muslim's hand by force-but-not-really. Close browser, focus on second essay. Write ONE SENTENCE. Call my mom for another unnecessary fact check. She doesn't want to talk because it's late and my conversations exhaust her enough in the daytime. Write another sentence. Check clock: it's been over an hour.

Finally, in frustration (or maybe acceptance), I tasked myself with at least completing my Works Cited -so far- for the bee paper. It's done and that's something. Tomorrow I will be reading From Where I Sit, a book of bee, beekeeping, and science essays. And maybe take my vitamins.

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