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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

365 days of being a writer: day 15

Today was a weird day: on the surface, some good things happened. But I was mostly frustrated. Good thing this is my writing journal and not my psychoanalysis journal! Ha ha!

Alrighty. Today I spent much of my workday writing up pithy social media snippets. I also put together a blog post about spices. It made me really want to sit down to some finger food and belly dancing in Washington DC (even though the dancers were shit, according to my pal, Lara). And I finalized my column submission for McSweeney's. Part of me wants to sit on it for a few more days, but part of me wants it in the wind and out of the endless pick-pick-pick.

I also heard back from professor #3, who said she'll do it. That's good news. But also weird news, because--again, I don't know this person. But she seems excited for me, so I can only presume that her recommendation is a positive one.

Oh, and astronomy. I got a 95% on the multiple choice portion (which is 80% of the score). I only missed four questions on the whole test. (!) Go on, ask me about neurtron stars or the Chandrasekhar limit. Ask me how to say "Chandrasekhar." Ask me about why the universe isn't collapsing from the pull of its own gravity. Ask me about teaspoons of mass that could turn the Earth to Swiss cheese (or cottage cheese, as the case may be). Ask me about the splilt second after the big bang. But ask me tomorrow, 'cause as far as today goes, I'm beat.


Zach said...

Marrakesh? Yum.

Chelsea said...

Yes! I liked the sword dancing, but was informed it was "actually pretty weak" by my Indian/Armenian friend.

But that crazy powdered sugar and egg cake? I want that right now.