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Monday, August 23, 2010

365 days of being a writer: day 7

It's been a week!

What have I learned?

Mostly that it takes a real effort to get writing done every day. Also that I am the Queen at Distractor Mousing on the computer. I hate knuckling down even ten minutes before the last minute. That's one good thing about this experiment: it makes every hour my last chance to get some work done.

I managed to submit one DS article (which means I made some money writing today). I also spent several hours working out the directions and maths for a knitting pattern that I am hoping to publish soon.

There is some dissension among my friends and loved ones about whether or not writing a knitting pattern "counts" as writing. It involves words and creativity, so I lean toward yes. However, it is about design and craft and is not literary, so... I can roll with the argument against, too. Regardless. There were words, they required crafting, and now my test knitters are editing it.

Finally, I spent about an hour working on my column submission for McSweeney's. It's tough to walk the line between snarky and nerdgirl enthusiasm. I tend to waffle between earnestness and cynicism. One of the things on which I would spend a portion of any education in writing (if I'm offered one) is fine tuning that razor's edge. Science is funny and nature is ridiculous, but they are also really freaking cool.

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