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Saturday, August 21, 2010

365 days of being a writer: day 5

Today was disappointing for me writing-wise, because this project encourages me to set unrealistic expectations for myself. I won't write pages of stuff every day. That has to be ok, without becoming a habit.

It was a long "day job" day today, and my Friday. I did some social media work--specifically tweeting and facebooking, corporately. Additionally, I poked around Demand Studios on my break, where I (rarely) write articles on project management for a few bucks a piece. I grabbed a couple of topics to potentially write up over the next few days. For today, that will have to do.

But this idea of "being a writer" is that I am thinking about writing, trying to make a living as a writer, and actually writing. I think it is ok that all three of those things don't always happen each day, as long as I am still keeping the goal in mind.

I would also like some combat points for finishing an essay of David Foster Wallace's in New Kings of Nonfiction (Ira Glass, ed.) The essay was on a talk radio DJ who is part of the Rush Limbaugh school of caustic conservatism. My favorite part of the whole thing was DFW crystallizing the notion that just because these "personalities" can capture and hold the interest of the public, that does not mean that the conversation they promote is in the public's interest. My least favorite part was the endless parentheticals and self-conscious "editorial comments" --as though the rest of the piece was objective. He was clearly a remarkably intelligent man, and a skilled writer. But sometimes his writing is exhausting work to read, rather than being something that carries me away.

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