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Saturday, August 28, 2010

365 days of being a writer: day 12

It is my Friday, and I have spent it watching videologs of strippers and studying astronomy. I was supposed to be JUST studying astronomy, but the distractor-mouse force is strong in this one. The videologs were part of a wonderful essay over at The Rumpus.

It really is all about astronomy, my final is in days and I am behind.

Despite that (or as a contributing factor to that) I managed to draft, revise, and submit a (hopefully) funny piece today inspired by yesterday's post and subsequent conversation in the comments. If it goes anywhere, you'll hear all about it.

My punctuation, and to a lesser extent my grammar, needs work. To that end, I wrote to a friend whose mother has a great site about such things and she got me into an exchange with her mom, who is Pat McNees. Pat pointed me to this fantastic list of resources on her site. Part of the distractoring was taking grammar quizzes. I kept scoring 80%. That will have to be the fun stuff in between universe expansion physics this weekend. Heh. Grammar quizzes will be the fun stuff this weekend. Sigh.

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