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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

365 days of being a writer: day 9

I heard from my former thesis advisor. He will write me a graduate letter of recommendation if he has to, but doesn't think it's a good idea. A letter to writers from a painter would be "damning with faint praise," he feels.

There are now a couple of people who will write me letters that in their own estimation will do me no good. Still ISO of someone who will speak on my behalf with just the slightest authority. Perhaps the fact that I can't find anyone is cosmic foreshadowing. The universe is trying to scare me out of going into the dark cellar of applications. Since these sorts of letdowns seem to come in anywhere from threes to sevens, I'm going to try to let go the dread for tonight.

Today at the day job, I wrote two blog posts and started a third. One rambled all over, but was my actual voice, the other was a long ad disguised as information. It is good practice, but without an editor,I have no way of finding and improving my mechanics. Can anyone recommend a good grammar text, or copy-editing resource?

When I came home, I was supposed to study astronomy but was too fired up to focus on quarks and muons. I finished a draft of the column and then nitpicked at it for an hour.

Tomorrow, I'm going to a memoir workshop at Changing Hands. My ear will be focused on ideas for the glacier and hummingbird essays. I'm sort of doubting the whole "naturalist" angle, since I have no cred-- maybe the nature essay becomes more personal narrative? Ugh. Too doubty for any more decisions today.

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