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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

365 days of being a writer: day 2

I managed to get a scribbly 30 minutes of writing on the bus today. There were a lot of issues with the busride, so I can't call the work focused. I am however, considering it a success because I did it. 

There's this essay in my mind, about this glacier hike I did and a codependant relationship I was ending at the same time, and I am struggling with how much confession vs. how much science I want to include. Today's notes were definitely of the confessional variety, and read like a diary entry. But that's good, I need to get that stuff out so I can move past it.

In MFA news, I have my schools narrowed down. Let's just say that my former professor agrees to write me a letter of recommendation. Let's just hope and pray, and also presume it is so. Then, I will be applying to the following Creative Writing programs for next year:
  1. Chatham University
  2. Portland State University
  3. University of Washington at Seattle
  4. University of Arizona
  5. University of Minnesota at Minneapolis
  6. Penn State University
  7. University of New Mexico
  8. University of Notre Dame
  9. University of Wyoming at Laramie
  10. University of Colorado at Boulder
I went through my original list of 14 and winnowed out the ones that were only on the list because of reputation, and not because of what they would offer me.

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