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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

365 days of being a writer: day 163

I got almost all of my draft done for the Night essay. At this point, I have no idea if it works, but at least it's on paper.

I also got a call from one of the MFA programs saying that I had no letters of recommendation on file. They were sent last year, and the graduate school office told me I wouldn't need to resubmit them. "I don't know why they'd tell you that," she sniffed. "Did you note in your application packet that you wanted to use last year's?" I told her I didn't realize that I'd need to, based on what I was told.

She went over to the files to try to find them from last year and said that there was no file, and she didn't have my name on the list of applicants from last year. I read her the letter of rejection they sent me, and when she looked again, she found them.

Tonight was the second class on Arizona geology--on the geologic time scale of the Grand Canyon. There was a nice review of the rules of superposition (oldest rock on the bottom), original horizontality (depositions only happen in flat layers), lateral continuity (layers stretch for considerable distances), crosscutting (the intrusion is the youngest rock), and uncomformity (missing time--one of my favorites). The formations at the Grand Canyon have wonderful eastern names, commemorating Dutton's Taoist leanings--the Vishnu mountains, the Temple Butte; as well as Pueblo names, Kaibab, Toroweap, and Coconino.

And thanks to my awesome network, one of my Tweet-me-a-story tweets won the audience award for round one! I get the round two word tomorrow after work.

I finished the book I plan on reviewing, but haven't had time to write the review up. It may be extra late, with the essay taking first priority. Perhaps I can draft something on the bus in the morning.

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