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Monday, January 3, 2011

365 days of being a writer: day 140

Some serious shit got accomplished today!

First, I will say that I am still avoiding the Night essay. The same as the glacier essay and the hummingbird essay. I don't know what my hangup is about these pieces. Possibly I am too afraid of fucking them up? Since I have such high opinions of their possible results?

Anyway, instead, today I went to my favorite coffeeshop (presumably to meet up with job-guy, who flaked out) and I:
* submitted stuff to five journals (one already bounced because of a full mailbox)
* applied to two tech writing jobs
* applied to an unpaid "book reviewer" position on XENITH
* exchanged emails with the editor at The Rumpus who is going to post my "Funny Women" piece TOMORROW. So. Excited.
* received an invite, set up an account, and posted a story to Fictionaut

This is me on "positive attitude"--it's like cocaine without as much sniffling and embarrassing white crust.
Happy New Year.

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Marcus Speh said...

love this blog. discovered it only now but there are more than 200 days yet to go...good luck! put it on my blogroll.