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Thursday, January 13, 2011

365 days of being a writer: day 150

Every day I wake up with a song stuck in my head. I don't fall asleep listening to music, and despite a huge and obsessive collection of iTunes, I actually listen to it somewhat rarely in the house (I am learning what I need to write, and minimum distractions work best). Do I hear music in my dreams? Do the earworms get me there? Or maybe it's snippets from the muzak at work the day before (though that does not explain some of them... like, they never play Ween--a band I hate on principle--on the muzak).

In any case, these songs get in there, and bounce around and inform my day, I suppose. Today it was America's Horse With No Name. The plodding nature of the narrative perhaps spoke to me about my sluggish morning to be.

But, I got my ass up in time for the bus, and what a great day for writing it became. I tweeted some cnf tweets. I read quite a bit of the turquoise book. At work, I wrote a blog post and performed some social media functions. On my lunch break, I posted one of the 52/250 pieces on Fictionaut (and have been getting good feedback since). The bus ride home was spent brainstorming my Tweet Me a Story entries -- I got the word "appetite." I submitted them once I got home.

I also asked the Desert Botanical Garden for a pollinator contact on their Facebook page (though still no answer).

(These are amazing sculptures!)

Now it's time for soup, reading, and bed (right after a little Lie To Me--today's guilty pleasure).

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