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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

365 days of being a writer: day 141

I was going to get up and write, then run, then read... except, my post went up over at The Rumpus and all I wanted to do was lay around in bed and send texts and emails to everyone I know to go look at it. I love seeing it on the front page. I love seeing that 51 people "like" it (well, 50 if you don't count me--but I'm counting ME).

Here it is, if you haven't already, might I suggest you have a look at it? Funny Women #41: W4M

In other, less awesome news: The blackbirds were rejected by the Sonora Review today. Here's the submishmash tally so far:

Are you making the sad trombone noise? I am. Both my Utah flash nonfiction and the blackbirds essay have received two declines each (that's just here, there is an email folder, too). At least Sonora sent a note. Still nothing from the other lit mag, which is pretty poor form, in my opinion.

I think that after the Night essay and the litcrit piece for my KSU packet I am going to rework the blackbirds, give it an overhaul. The starlings still need to be pitched to The Smithsonian (but I'm too scared!) and the Utah piece is weird enough that I'm cool to just keep trying to find it a home.

I'm not yet sure how I want to use my space at Fictionaut. It seems that posting something there would be considered "publishing" it by most journals. But I don't just want to put rejected stuff up there, or pieces that I don't think are worth trying to publish. Any Fictionaut users care to weigh in?

A lot of jibber jabber today almost hides the fact that I did not in fact write. But I'll count it as a day of celebration. There's always tomorrow.

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