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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

365 days of being a writer: day 148

I got a few hours of work done on my Night essay. I have a thousand words and am hoping for three. Because of a change in the way I am thinking about this piece, I sent a note over to one of the pollinator-specialists at the Desert Botanical Garden to see if she could meet/chat with me about the night blooming garden.

The DBG is also hosting weekly geology classes for twenty bucks each:
* SW desert tectonics and hydrology
* Grand Canyon and geologic time
* Paleontology of Arizona
* Volcanology of Arizona
* Geology of the Valley of the Sun

I am going to pay for the first one (plus a birding trip in Feb), but if you are a fan, you can sponsor a class by using that paypal link over there. If you do, I will send you a rock from my rock collection (or a shell, if you want to sponsor the paleontology one).

Today's poll: Would you submit to a literary magazine that doesn't offer at least one contributor copy? Does it become sort of a "how bad do you want to be in print" thing at that point? I sent something off to a press and then later saw that they don't offer any contributor copies, but that a "digital download" would be available for contributors. If such a press accepted my work, and I then had to pay for a copy, how different is it from the old "" anthologies that you could pay to be included in? Are there valid reasons for putting your work into such a publication?

Now I'm off to read more. I am really digging this turquoise book.

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