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Saturday, January 8, 2011

365 days of being a writer: day 145

This was going to be a political post. I wrote this whole speech, then deleted it, because really? Who the fuck am I to be spouting political shit? I react to the incendiary bullshit just like the gun-toting nutjobs. Today was very frustrating. I wanted to act, to act out.

Really, all today has shown me that's true is that guns shouldn't be legal here. I know that several of my good friends would disagree with me on that, but I still love them anyway. I will not own a gun until the day I need it to protect my gas supply from bands of roving fur and feather wearing madmen.

I got up and wrote a bit on the Night essay today. I don't think it is dramatic. The website clearly states it should be "vivid and dramatic." This essay will have no river rescues, no orphaned wildebeest babies raised as my own, no exploding bombs killing fish by the millions. Just hummingbirds (not) dying in the night and honeybees (not) seeing in the dark. Maybe the CNF Night competition isn't the place for it, but I am going to try to finish it in time anyway.

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