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Thursday, September 23, 2010

365 days of being a writer: day 38

More desperation writing. I finished two shorter pieces that I started working on through my "morning" writing.

One, a travel-ish piece about Coney Island got shipped off to the New York Times and the Washington Post travel sections. If you're going to fall, fall big, right?

The other is another essay about roadtripping with my grandparents, in the vein Seeing Seaside, but about an inland bird preserve. That one went out to Flyways and the Sonora Review.

I had to write a little bio for all of these. It ricocheted between being really pitiful sounding and not so awful through out the day, not unlike my serotonin levels I'm sure. Here it is:

Chelsea Biondolillo's essays have appeared on McSweeney',, and in The Rio Review. She is a contributing food/diy writer for VenusZine magazine and Her work has been recognized in the University of New Orleans annual writing competition, NYC Midnight's short story and flash fiction contests, and Austin Monthly's short fiction contest. She received her BFA in photography from the Pacific NW College of Art.

McSweeney's is supposed to announce their column contest winners tomorrow. I guess if you're out there, cross your fingers.

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