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Thursday, September 9, 2010

365 days of being a writer: day 24

I am the queen of distractor mousing. I supposedly sat down to write 20 minutes ago. Since then I have: rearranged some photos on a shelf; moved the shelf so I could plug in my laptop in a spot more conducive to writing; dug up slippers to wear, though I haven't worn slippers in eight months; filed my nails; tried on a sweater in progress; plucked my eyebrows; considered reorganizing a photo album "really quick." I am so afraid to fail at writing, that I put off the actually doing part. And I know I'm doing it! And now, there's a dish that might need washing really quick. I will be right back.
OK. Now that I have organized all of my past submissions, cleaned off my desktop (it was very cluttered), dug through old cassette mix tapes to find tonight's perfect soundtrack, and tried that sweater on again--now it is time to write!
After all that pussy-footing around, I got maybe 15 minutes of writing and 30 minutes of research done. I also wrote a ridiculously gushing and pleadful letter to the Dean at my former school, requesting a recommendation. He never responded to last year's request, pro or con, so we'll see if my writing at least gets noticed this time around. I dunno, maybe give today a C+? (If only I would apply myself more.)
Ray Bradbury on Writing Persistently

Note to self: Can I do this if I'm not as sure that they're all idiots as Ray was?

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