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Friday, September 17, 2010

365 days of being a writer: day 32

Today I did some research while waiting to get my flash fiction assignment.

I'm sort of bummed out that this one gets cut off. I'm curious where he was going with the whole Black Mass/Jesus thing...

My Favorite TED talk, by Elizabeth Gilbert

Now that my blogging gig is up, I have to find ways to make this more than one more chore in my day. I have been thinking about this today. The practice is important, the getting better as a writer and person (according to Vonnegut) is important. It is easy to lose sight of the enjoyment factor when everything in my day, week, month feels like a hurtling toward something. Let the record show: I came to do my job, and tried to have a good time of it.

I just got my second round assignment:

Genre: Drama
Location: A tobacco shop
Object: Washing detergent

If you'd care to play along, it's 1000 words, must be in the genre specified, take place primarily in the location, and feature the object. Time to brainstorm.

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