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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

365 days of being a writer: day 23

The days when I write at work sometimes feel like a cop-out. I had high hopes for my after-work time, but after the bus and a longer than usual walk home, conversations with real-live people... suddenly the day is gone. It is really hard for me to do any writing when there are distractions like Facebook or Boingboing or Twitter. I pretend I can do two things at once, but I can't.

Today it is true, I wrote: two posts, but they were just ads.

I am lucky to be able to write even ads for a living. Yet, I still feel sick, my car's still broke, and I am absolutely beat. This experiment is starting to feel dumb. Maybe I'm just starting to feel dumb.


Scott said...

you're not dumb. not by a long shot. keep it up.

Anonymous said...

As a completely random internet lurker who was engaged by a piece of your writing, I can say with complete confidence that you and dumb are not in any way related.

My partner did a project to do drawing a day for a year. I thought that on days where she just didn't feel into it she could just do a scribble or something, but she couldn't bring herself to do that, she had to put effort into each one. She put huge pressure on herself, and while she didn't actually manage to draw every day (we got kidnapped in central America, and they stole her pencils, which made it hard), she got to the end of the year with a couple of hundred more drawings than she'd done the year before. Most importantly though, she'd developed some themes that she wanted to continue to explore.

So, it's early days, and it will be hard at times, but I'm certain you'll come out the other end with worthwhile writing and as a better writer.

Sincere good luck!

Jeffrey said...

I will bring over some Distractor Mouse Traps.

Chelsea said...

@ Scott, thank you. I'll do my best.

@ Michael, it helps hearing that someone else felt doubts and pressure. Sometimes I feel like I am supposed to be more sure of everything. Sounds like a great story--this kidnapping--did either of you ever write it?

@ Jeff, cruelty-free, please. Think of the poor mice!

Anonymous said...

I wrote about it but I'm no writer, and it just reveals how stupid we were.

Rachel blogged about her drawing too.